Imagine, an architectural molding that flexes to fit
  radius contours and shapes. This hand-molded,
   hard yet flexible, high-density space age polymer
     resin can do exactly that.

     Flex Trim radius molding truly performs better than real wood.
     It will not deteriorate like real wood, there are virtually no seams to
     crack, and it will not swell or rot; it has the beauty of real wood and
     can be finished virtually the same.

    Flex Trim is fast. It is shipped rolled up in a compact box and
   installation is a snap. Use nails or glue the same way you would
  with wood molding. Orders, standard or custom, can be filled
within days.
  Zzzz Flex   Flex Trim   Xtru Linear Lengths  
An upgrade from original Flex Trim, Zzzz Flex is perfect for those jobs that call for superior quality and flexibilty. Flex Trim makes the trim on curved surfaces easy to install at one-third the cost of curved wood mouldings. Xtru Linear Lengths offer the same outstanding quality as original Flex Trim, but in extended lengths of 50-500 ft.